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Wegmans Hall #3013
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CoCo: Collaboration Coach
ROC Speak

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MIT Mood Meter
Temporal Modeling of Smiles
Speech Therapy
Reykjavik Arts Festival






I am an Asaro-Biggar ('92) Family assistant professor of Computer Science and interim Director of the Goergen Institute for Data Science at the University of Rochester. I co-lead the Rochester Human-Computer Interaction (ROC HCI) Group. I received my PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013.

Research Statement: My interests span around developing computational tools to recognize the subtle nuances of human communication with a direct application of improving human ability.  

Current focus: The workforce of the future will have to be creative and innovative, rather than merely good at performing specific tasks. However, many individuals lack these skills, particularly if they suffer from cognitive disabilities or difficulties. Many argue that those skills are either innate or require extensive practice with human experts. We show that using technology we can improve human skills across a variety of domain including public speaking, job interviews, aging, autism, music training, negotiations, collaborations, end-of-life communication and deception.  Check out the projects page for more details.

My PhD thesis yielded the first scientific evidence that it is possible for humans to improve their socio-emotional skills through a virtual assistant. The project was highlighted by MIT Museum as one of the most unconventional inventions at MIT.


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